Privacy policy

How we keep your personal details secure

At we are responsible people and we have a commitment to guarding your privacy. This privacy statement shows how we collect and use information about our visitors. By visiting our website you automatically accept this privacy policy and if you do not then you should leave the website and not view it or make any other use of it.

If you have any queries about this privacy policy please get in touch with Philip Gray, by visiting our contact page.

Automatically collected data

When you use our website some information is collected automatically. This information is normally considered to be non– personal and non—identifying.

We have access to information which includes the webpages that you have visited on our site, the time that you spent on this website, and information about your web browser. This tells us such things as the aperture size you are using, the type of device, your IP address, operating system, and several other factors. All of this is generic data and it is not linked in any way to your own personal visit; in other words it is statistical data only.

How we use automatically collected data

When we view automatically collected data we only use it for analysing the usage of our website. This allows us to determine which pages are popular, and which ones people spent the most time on. As a consequence we are able to make sure that our website is relevant to our visitors, and we are able to make improvements to it from time to time.

Other data that we collect

We do not ask directly for information from our visitors. However it is quite possible that you may contact us in the future in order to pass comments or make a query. Whether this is sent to us via email, telephone or post we are likely to have not only the information that you have sent to us in your communication but also your name and possibly your email address, home address or telephone number. This information is classed as personal, and personally identifying.

How we use personal information

This information is used purely to answer your queries or reply to your comments. We will not use it for sending you any marketing material unless you specifically request it.

How we store personal information

Personal information is stored on our office computer systems. All this data is automatically encrypted and we have security systems in place to prevent physical access to our computers by un-authorised persons.

Sharing of your personal information

We do not sell, lend, or otherwise transfer any personal information about any of our visitors for financial gain. We will only provide information to a third party if it is legally necessary for us to do so or if we believe that it is necessary in order to prevent, investigate, or take action in respect of suspected illegal activities, to take actions that we believe are necessary in order to protect our website, or in order to protect the health, well-being or financial security of any persons.

Your rights regarding personal information

You are entitled to know what, if any, personal information we hold about you. You are entitled to know what we do with this information and how we process it, and you can object to any of these if you feel that they breach your rights to privacy. If you believe that we hold personal information about you you may request us to delete it, and we will do so within a reasonable space of time, subject to there being no legal constraints upon us doing so.

Updates to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time and for any reason. If we do make such changes we will specify them on this webpage. The new privacy policy will come into effect on the date and time that it is published on this page.